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Type N Metal Roof Deck (Deep Rib)

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Type N Metal Roof Deck is a 3" tall, deep rib metal roof deck, that is designed to provide an economical roofing support surface when longer spans are required between roofing supports. It is also used as a secondary structural diaphragm member to provide for lateral force distribution to the structure’s vertical force resisting systems. Type N Metal Roof Deck is available in 24” cover width and three standard gauges, with either a galvanized finish or prime painted to inhibit rust while in transit (primer is not a finish coat). Please inquire for availability of special gauges or finishes.
N-Acoustical, N-Cellular, and N-Cellular & Acoustical are also available (longer lead times may be required). Acoustical deck is especially suited for structures where sound control is desirable.

Item #

Item Name

Design Thickness

Height (Min.)

Rib Spacing – Bottom (Min.)

Rib Spacing – Top (Max.)

Pitch (Rib Spacing – Center to Center)

Type N Roof Deck (Deep Rib) Metal Roof Deck 18 gauge (0.0474")
20 gauge (0.0358")
22 gauge (0.0295")
3 in 1 1/2 in 2 3/4 in 8 in